Translation Services

Text Translation
Language Today regularly translates a wide range of content types- from documentation to contracts to software to websites- into and from over 50+ languages. Our experienced teams of project managers, technology experts and professional linguists will ensure that your translation project meets your objective and budget. Language Today works with the most qualified linguists, who have demonstrated subject matter expertise for the following industries: automotive, engineering, culinary, medical, legal, sports and entertainment, travel and hospitality, education, consumer products, electronics, and information systems.

Translation and Transcribing of Audio Materials (Voiceover/Transcription)
We offer voiceover and subtitling services in 40+ languages. The advantage to using our audio services is that you have a single source for your translation, transcription, and if necessary, a recording. Our technical department can provide you with final audio in whichever format you need and if required, insert the audio into your multimedia or video format, resulting in a finished piece. In addition, written translations of recorded foreign language material can be transcribed from your source material. Voice over work can easily be done at your location or at ours.

We believe we have the best rates in the area and provide a quality service and customer satisfaction that is above that of all other agencies.